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Don’t just attend, clap your hands and join in!

Increasing brand awareness in the New Year is probably on the top of every marketing manager’s to do list. Of course, attending one or more of the plethora of organised established exhibition events for your industry is a good step towards towards propelling your brand ‘out there’, and in the meantime, keeping a sneaky check on what your competitors are up to.

These established avenues will no doubt get your business so far, but can sometimes due to the lack of enthusiasm of the Exhibition Organiser, can feel a little industry centric tired. The solution – to host your own community or industry event that is sure to excite and engage, while positioning your brand at centre stage. Whether it be your take on the British Pie Awards, held every year in Melton Mowbray outside of Leicester, or a medieval live action role-play on the majestic rolling hills of Sheffield, there is sure to be a meaningful on-brand tie-in opportunity out there just waiting to be fulfilled.

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Make a Splash! – Bristol European Green Capital 2015

It’s not every day that you get on a bus powered by human sewage and food waste! The GENeco Bio-Bus is powered by biomethane gas & is set to serve the 32,674 households along route service 2 in central Bristol throughout the year.

To mark the crowning of Bristol as the European green Capital 2015, be sure to make the most of a year-long programme of inspiring events that will give everyone,

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Exhibitions …And Now For Something Completely Different

As an exhibition designer – understandably, I love exhibitions. An exhibition hall is a special kind of place that, if budget, time and space allows – anything is possible.

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Events – The Power of Context

Events, events… What is an event?  Is it a scheduled yearly gathering, a one off jamboree or an unforeseen surprise to excite and engage? As with many things in life – context is king. The great thing is about an event is it can quite easily mean all of the above and a lot more.

When thinking about your event it’s always important to consider that events can be simple. With the mantra that context is king, flipping the context can result in an unscheduled and eye popping event. When a 70ft hippopotamus surfaces for an afternoon pootle down the Thames in central London, it will turn heads

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